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Where did you go? Why did you leave for so long?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Firstly let me say, Happy New Year! Haha! :/ Wow! It’s been so long since I’ve been on here. Definitely wasn’t my intention to come across half hearted with this. I said to myself initially, I will commit to bringing something out once a month but my mental state did not permit room for consistency.

The middle of 2018 took an unexpected turn which produced a knock-on effect. I then tried to stay positive and hope for the best for 2019 but it wasn’t long after till another obstacle came running along. A situation occurred which I thought I'll easily be able to conquer but unfortunately it didn’t work out that way. I felt sooo drained, like super duper exhausted. I had to be realistic with life as it was just hitting me anyhow. I said to myself, I just need a break! I wanted my body to rest, I wanted my mind to rest; I just wanted to be at peace. So what did I do for the whole of 2019?! Where did I go? Why didn’t I write like I said I would? I just took everything easy. I literally took each day at a time. Life can be oh so overwhelming and that’s the stage I was at. I had so many ‘nothing to do’ days and ‘I’m not doing anything days’. I wanted to charge up! I wanted to have a stable mind and be able to do things properly. I could never abandon writing; It’s what I love! It just took a little longer to get back to myself again :) I just want you guys to know, if you are feeling like your mind is on overload or you feel burnt out, please take a minute to stop and breathe! It’s ok to pause and pick up from where you left off or better yet: re- energise, re- plan and re- build. I felt very good after resting, best decision I could have made, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to give you guys great and honest content!

If you ever feel this way or you're currently in this situation, hope you give this a go and feel just as good as I did. x

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